Use Storyline output in other apps

Is it possible to use Storyline published output in another application, for example as a swf file? In Presenter, I could publish to Web and then select the .swf for a particular slide and use it in other software (either within Engage or elsewhere). I'd like to build a drag and drop interaction and then embed it in another development tool (Lectora) - and without the player or Submit button - , but it looks to me like the published output doesn't allow for that. Just thought I'd ask here in case I'm missing something...

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Peter Anderson

Hey Leslie!

We don't officially support using a single swf file from Storyline's published output, due mostly to loss of functionality and erratic behavior, as well as loss of resources. Storyline really needs all of the files that are produced to ensure that it runs quickly and efficiently. 

That being said, depending on how much functionality your course actually has, it might be worth giving it a test run to see how it performs. 

Good luck!