Use Variables to Create a Curriculum Recommender

Jun 24, 2015


We have different categories of system users (regular user, super user, admin user, etc.). They need different levels of training on a new system upgrade we are rolling out. Our LMS is coming, but it won't be ready (and we don't have a good way to assign people to classes anyway). I need to create an interactive tool that allows people to answer questions about what they need to do with the system that will ultimately spit out a recommendation for the courses they should attend. It is basically a fancy Cosmo Quiz. I think I can use Articulate's variables to basically trigger the recommendations based off a numerical value. So if the total is 1-5, they would take Intro only, 6-10, they'd take Intro + Intermediate, 11-15 they'd take Advanced, and 16-20, they'd take our System Administrator course. 

Has anyone created something like this before that they would be willing to share with me so I can see how the variables are set up? And even if you can't share, do you have tips and lessons learned for this kind of interactive tool? 

I will share a version of mine when I am done, btw in case anyone else wants to try something like this. Thanks in advance for your help! 


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