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Jun 04, 2013

I've just started working with Storyline and wondered if anyone could advise the best method for enabling a user to progress through a series of speech bubbles at their own pace. 

I have a character who delivers information through consecutive speech bubbles. In Studio, I had previously set the animation timings in PPT but I was hoping to improve on this in Storyline by allowing the user to key stroke/mouse click etc, to progress through the speech bubbles in their own time. 

I've tried triggers relating to layers and changes in state of the speech bubble. this seems to work ok for 2 speech bubbles per slide but if I have 3 or more it doesn't fit the bill. Is there a better way to do this?

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Kathi Coutinho

I'm a BIG FAN of user-directed timing, rather than animation timings  

I did something like this, but not with speech "bubbles," just ordinary text blocks, and show/hide layers, rather than states.

Start with the base layer with the first speech bubble, and then individual layers for each bubble.  If you have five bubbles to work through, you'll have the base plus four.  Set the triggers on the bubbles to show the next layer.  On the base layer, when the user clicks on the first speech bubble, it will show Layer 2 with Speech Bubble 2.  When the user clicks on Speech Bubble 2, it will show Layer 3 with Speech Bubble 3.  The last bubble, set the trigger to Hide This Layer when the user clicks, which will put them back at the base layer.

If you want to make it very tidy, make sure the speech bubbles all line up, or that you put two triggers: hide this layer, and then show layer (layer 2).

Good luck,


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