user presses key trigger: why is there an object field

Jun 03, 2013


I have two questions about the trigger 'when user presses a key'

1.  Why is the 'object field' shown in the trigger dialog box? It doesn't make a difference which object this trigger is linked to, or is it?

2. When I change an existing click trigger to a 'user presses a key' trigger, the way the trigger is listed is not consistent. Sometimes it gets listed under Layer Triggers, and sometimes it stays under object triggers. 

This is a bit of a nuisance, as I regularly overlook the triggers when checking them.



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Phil Mayor

The object gives you more flexibility

You can either set it to a slide or a layer so the key press will either work on the whole slide or only on that layer.  If you only want it to be available at certain times ypu can set it to an object that only appears for that amount of time.

I expect the reason why it defaults to a object on your slide is that when you create that trigger you have clicked an object on the slide which then automatically selects that object in the trigger wizard.

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