User text not working on Ipad.

Jul 01, 2016

Can anyone help with this? When a user types in text to a free form quiz and selects submit, their text is not displaying or working correctly against the set answers. It is just not registering. It works fine on pc, but not on ipad air & pro.

This is for a fill the blank and also free form text entry.

Previous examples of this are working on the ipad, but my most recent projects aren't. Is there some settings issue I am missing or have others had this problem?



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Jim Atkins

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your quick response. It has been the air & pro that we have problems with. Similar quizzes on earlier modules worked on them though. I have sent a link to a module where the problem occurs. I am afraid you will have to go through a few slides to find the 2 quizzes. They are titled 'Quick Exercise' - where what you type in should appear in the top of the layer when you submit and 'empathetic selling' where the correct answer should be some variant of 'whats in it for me'. I have just tried this same link and it works fine on my pc and on my iphone 6, but does not work on my ipad air (cant check the pro right now). Many thanks,


Emily Ruby

Hi Jim,

I do see this is published for AMP. And I see the issue in your file. However, I created a new file using a variable reference on a layer and it is working.

Can you test this:

Also, could you share the .story file itself?


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