Creating a Certification Form and Storing Free Text Answers in LMS

Feb 06, 2019

Hey everyone!

I have a sales certification/attestation that I would like to automate by putting it in our LMS (Saba). Essentially, it is a form with five yes or no questions, and for any question that the user selects "no" for, I want to collect feedback in a free text box "Please explain why you selected no." This box would not appear if the user selects "yes." The end result is not necessarily a pass/fail scenario, but more of an A/B grouping where I can pull a report of all individuals who answered "no" for any question, and see their free text explanations for those questions.

Has anyone created anything like this before? Where would you start? I think I'll be able to build the form pretty easily, but I'm not sure how to get all that free text to be saved to Saba. Any specific question types I should look at? Or trigger configurations?

Thanks, much appreciated!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris, 

You could easily branch learners to a new slide (even make it look like the existing question with a new text entry box) based on how they answer. Those short answer questions would be reported to your LMS as long as they're tracked by your results slide.

Another option would be to look at adding a text entry onto the "no" or "incorrect" feedback layer. Once the learner enters in their feedback, those variables can also be sent to your LMS using the method here.  You'll see it still uses the "short answer" question, but learners won't be directed to an entirely separate slide. 

So a couple different ways to do it - and it really is up to you what's easiest! 

Chris B

Great, thank you Ashley!

Can this be done in Quizmaker 360? Or would I need to create this in Storyline? I got the quiz built out in Quizmaker, and I used the method you mentioned about just having branching with slides with the same text and a free text field if someone selects "No."

I think where I'm going to need a bit more help is how I get the "No's" to show up on the results slide. I can't really see a way to do that in Quizmaker.

Thanks for all your help, really appreciate it!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chris!

Yes, you can certainly make this kind of interaction in Quizmaker 360. Check out this quick sample I put together for you. 

In that sample, you'll only see a place to enter feedback if you select "No" as an answer. And while my questions are graded, you can make this an ungraded interaction, as well.

I've attached the original project file so you can see how I set it up. Let me know if you have questions about it! 

Chris B

Hey Alyssa!

Wow, thank you very much for the example! It looks like I've got things set up correctly based off what you've done here. I was confused as I thought I had to add a variable or some type of additional material to the results screen to get the quiz to pass the text strings to the LMS.

I assume if I make the quiz a "Pass/Fail" quiz, I would be able to see those in the reporting and pull just the "Fail" list to see their text answers. I'll try it out and see!

Thanks again for your helpful example.


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