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Dec 14, 2016


I created a training where there are retention check questions using the quiz slide throughout the training. The training is on a very basic platform so the one slide quizzes are not "counted" toward any sort of pass/ fail. With that said I allow my users to click back, or to the "previous" slide. If they click previous I can bounce them back to the slide I want but when they reach the quiz slide they already took they cannot retake or move forward - they are stuck! How can I activate that slide so if users go back they can go back through the quiz and continue on with the rest of the training?


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Luke Benfield

Assuming you would like them to retake the quiz slides when they return, the easy option would be the select the slide, go to slide properties, and set it to Reset to Initial State when they revisit.

If you'd like to bypass the quiz slides as they review previous content, then I would create some True/False variables, a trigger to Jump to Quiz slide if a variable is False (they haven't completed the quiz), and a trigger to jump to the slide after the quiz if True (they have completed the quiz).

Hope that works for you.

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