Using a Layer in a Freeform Slide

Hi all,

I've created a drag and drop freeform slide, with a button to start a timer if the user wants to use it. When they click on the timer button, it should open a new layer and start the timer, but instead it attempts to submit the interaction first, and comes with a popup saying that I have to finish it first. 


I also want to interaction to submit when the timeline ends on the timer layer, but that isn't work for me either. I attached the slide. Thanks for the help!

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Jonathan Huguenin

Hello Molly,

I couldn't find out where the bug came from, so I recreated the button and the layer and it works for me now (the countdown and the sending of the interaction)

I wish I could have found the cause, but at least I can share my working file with you.

I hope it will be useful to you.

Have a nice day

Walt Hamilton


This trigger causes the interaction to be submitted when the timeline starts on the timer layer.  All timelines begin at 0, so "when timeline reaches 0" is the same as when timeline starts.

To get the layer to submit when the timer reaches 30, use "Submit interaction when timeline ends", or "reaches 30" or "Submit interaction when timeline ends on Oval 30".