Using a quiz to direct branching

My supervisor asked me if this was possible, and I honestly did not know...

Is there a way, if I were to put a quiz at the beginning of a CBT, for the answers to that quiz to dictate where the employee would start the CBT?  Say there's 3 main topics, and the employee did really well on answering the questions for 2 of them, but failed the 3rd section of the quiz, could I program the story to recognize that 3rd section as the problem area and send the employee to that section/scene and skip the other 2?

Is this type of quiz-based branching possible?  I think it is, but I'm a fairly basic user and I don't know for sure.  Thanks!!

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Brooke Boyer

Thanks, to you both!  

Leslie, any way you could give me links to those discussions?  I can't seem to use the 'Search' function on this website anymore.  Every time I search for something, such as "Quiz branching storyine" or "quiz branch" or even just "quiz" I get the "I'm sorry, your search turned up nothing" screen.  Hence, posting this question, even I was pretty sure I'd find the answer if I could use search.