Using a variable to control the Player Menu

Sep 24, 2021

Hello. My course has two audiences: those who use metric measurements and those who use Imperial. Imperial slides are in 4 scenes and their metric counterparts ("sister" slides with metric measurements instead of Imperial) are in 4 other scenes. The learner checks a box on the first slide to decide which scenes they will be seeing, metric or Imperial. This all works great...until the learner needs to use the menu in the player. It shows all scenes or I can hide scenes, but I don't want that. I want it to show the 4 Imperial scenes if they click Imperial or the 4 metric scenes if they choose metric (variable metric = 1). How to do, please?

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Walt Hamilton

Here's a sample that might help. Truthfully, if you have to have a menu, you will have to build your own. You could, (but I sure don't like it) use the regular menu. Each menu item would lead to a landing page, which would instantly jump to the correct slide, depending on the variable. It might work, but personally, I can't imagine doing that much work to get something that is, at best, Plan C. An organically flowing module is so much better for learning, and even a custom menu you create is at least plan B.