Using Button-triggers inside the change of state

Hey there! At the moment I'm stuck because I'm creating a course that has 6 triangles in a circle. You can choose different triangles with a dial.  I'm using states of the dial so that choosing different triangle with the dial makes different box to pop up. 

The problem is that I'd like to have a button to different layers so that the button appears to the pop up box and clicking the button takes you to specific layer. The problem here is that the buttons don't seem to work. I don't know if it's because I'm using different states of the dial (you can't insert triggers to states). I attached the file here. I'm using Storyline 360.

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Susi B

Hi Ville,

it didn´t work because you deleted the "down" state. When you create a new state and use the pre defined storyline states you should not delete the element in it, because you break their programmed behavior. The "down" state works as a "trigger" to perform an action like in your case to show a layer, if it´s empty you click onto nothing and nothing happens. You should use the preset "hide" state as the initial state and change this via trigger to normal etc.

Also you don´t need to add triggers for mouse over etc. As I said the preset states have a programmed behavior. So once an element has the state "mouse over" it triggers it by itself when you mouse over it.

In the attached file you can see what i have done and now it should work as you want to I hope.