Using Different Text In Feedback Master Slides

I am attempting to change the text of the 'Try Again' feedback master slide in my project.

I open the feedback master slide and in the Try Again layout I have altered the text to what I would like for it to say, however this doesn't change the text on the try again layers for all the slides I've already created.

Even using 'Apply Layout' function to the Try again layer in a slide will only change the shape and size of the buttons I created to go in that slide - the text will not change and remains the same default text that was on the slide when I deleted it.

I removed all text from the feedback master slide and only have text boxes added to the try again layout slide - I even erased all the text boxes on every other feedback layout slide (none of which I use in this project) - it still defaults to the original text on the slide when I first started.

I've attempted closing and opening the project again - what on earth could I possibly be doing wrong?

The only way I can get the text to change to what I want it is to delete the text boxes on the actual slide layer in the project and replace them one by one - this cannot be the intended way to make this work?

I've included a very small portion of the project I'm working on - you can see that the try again layer in each slide doesn't have the same text on it that I set up in my master try again layout slide.


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Allen Northrop

I finally figured this out - default text for master feedback slides are kept in the player menu.

What painfully unintuitive design this is.  It took me an hour of looking to find the answer - why allow text boxes to be editable on the feedback master slides if that's not how you edit it?

At least place a warning somewhere on the feedback masters giving some clear direction on where to edit the text and that that text will over-ride anything else you place there.