Using extra points in a quiz

Apr 26, 2018

I am creating a learning module that gives the learner credit as they successfully complete different challenges along the way. Each challenge has points associated with them and the learner accumulates the points after each challenge. Then at the end there is a regular quiz. I want to provide the learner the points they have accumulated during the learning piece as extra points at the end of the quiz. What is your best suggestion that I accomplish this. The points they have accumulated is a variable that gets adjusted along the way. The problem i am facing is that the results slides variable do not allow me to adjust them further. 


Suggestions? Ideas? 

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Ryan Derber

I actually just did this with a course.  I would not use a results slide from the template library.  Customize your own.  Then on that quiz during the learning piece, add a trigger on the "Correct" layer so that when they click on the "continue" button, it adds XX to the variable that you have established to track points.  I just created my own results slide because of the separate variable that is used on those system quizzes.  I hope this helps.  

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