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Mar 04, 2014

HI All,

I have deleted the vertical guide somehow and am unsure on how to bring it back. I can use multiple horizontal one but I am having difficulties in using the same process (hold CTRL and drag from existing guide) to create a vertical one.  Any suggestions would be great.

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Rachel Barnum

So I was curious how you could "delete" one and it appears that the only way I was able to "delete" it was by dragging it off of the visible screen. I was able to retrieve it by taking a shape and dragging it over to the side that I dragged it off to, therefore creating a scroll bar at the bottom, until I found it again and dragged it back.

Perhaps the same happened to you? 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Wow! It's hard to completely lose a guide! (I know cuz I've done it /

So, first, have y'all tried zooming out to the smallest percentage, i.e., 10%? Because a guide that got pulled way out may be viewable at that percentage.

I was able to completely lose my V guide by zooming out and the dragging the guide way offscreen.

But, I was able to restore the guide by importing this slide into a new story file. See attached.

So, unless the vertical guides are missing completely from SL for y'all (that is, in other story files as well), perhaps that will work.

Also, in terms of duplicating them, I do it all the time using the CTRL key + drag method. But, I will say that for both the H and V, it can at times be painful getting it to work. Really finicky. I've submitted a feature request asking that it be improved upon in the next release. Would love to have you join me!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

I'm able to use the click and drag with the CTRL button to create new guides from an existing guide - but not from the ruler itself. Using Becky's method to zoom out all the way is another option to see where the guides had been moved to, or importing into a new project as Jake mentioned should allow you to see the guides again. 

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