Using HealthStream - scores not populating

Hi all,

I'm a fairly new user of Storyline but have been following all of the guidelines as far as publishing scores. I have it set to calculate the score based upon the results slide at the end. Once I import it into HealthStream, our LMS, I'm not able to see scores on the transcript after completing the course. 

Wondering if there is anything I can do to further investigate this? In our LMS's SCORM editor, there are some options I've experimented with, none of which are resulting in a score being published. Not all our courses will need a score, however, there are certain ones that our employees are used to seeing on their transcripts and I know they'll be wondering if they don't see it anymore (after a course has changed from our old publishing method to Storyline). 

Thanks all!

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Kari Thevenot

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, we can't sign up for a fee-based website without an almost act of congress at our organization (it's been pretty much that just to get Storyline purchased!). I'll continue to troubleshoot and see if we can figure it out. Ultimately, I think most courses are fine to not display a grade but would love for our employees to continue to see the grade for completed courses that require a minimum score.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kari,

Totally understand - if you'd like to share your file with me, I can test it via SCORM Cloud (which is actually free for the basic edition), and that will at least determine if its your LMS that isn't displaying a score or something within the file. If it's something in the file, then we can continue to help you figure out what it is. If it's your LMS, than you will be able to connect with your LMS team to see if they can help you. 

Kari Thevenot

Hi Ashley, 

I just discovered the Trial option and we will try that! When I first went to the site yesterday, there wasn't a trial option. But when I went in through the "front" of the site, I was able to find the Trial version. I think that should work great for our purposes, especially to have our SMEs preview courses. Thanks again for all your help. I'll be back if I can't figure out the test thing!  

Kari Thevenot

Hi Scott,

I was able to get the score to record in HealthStream after some investigating with the vendor. When you add the Scorm activity to the course, the very first screen (Common Properties) has all the score information. So long as you have those fields populated, the test score will record so long as the course was published to read the score from the result slide. The score shouldn't really matter because we don't care what the score is, but our employees sometimes get particular about that!

Marissa Carterud

Kari, I came across this topic in the forum, and I'm hoping you can help? We use HealtStream as well and I set a graded Pre-Test to publish as passed/failed, reporting off of the quiz. I then set the common properties in HS as minimum passing score of 80% and Score Weight as 100% (my though is that this is the only quiz, so 100% is ok)?

 You mentioned " as you have those fields populated, the test score will record so long as the course was published to read the score from the result slide". Did I set this up correctly with Articulate Presenter '13 and HealthStream?

My SMEs are reporting that HS is not recording failing scores, which we need.

Thanks!! Marissa

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marissa!

Not sure if Kari is subscribed to the thread or not and you can perhaps reach out to her via PM if need be.

Thanks for all of your information. By not being able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud indicates that the issue lies with your LMS, so hopefully some of your HealthStream community friends will be able to assist you.

Kari Thevenot

Hi Marissa,

I'm not totally sure of how to answer your question but I think it would relate back to if they are able to reattempt or not. If minimum passing score is X and they don't meet that, we force them to go back through the test. HealthStream will record the final passing score but not any of the prior scores if they reattempted. If the passing score is required, the system isn't going to show them as completed until they do pass. I hope this makes sense. 

Also, because of the test analysis limitations with Storyline, we aren't currently pulling test scores from CBLs that we create in SL unless we had a need for an interactive or drag n' drop test. Because of the potential for us to need to report out on test questions (% of who answered which way), we use HealthStream's testing for almost all of our courses. 

harsh chhabra

Hi Kari,

Hope you are doing fine. We have developed a SCORM 1.2 prototype for a new client who is using Healthstream LMS. We have tested the prototype on SCORM cloud and it is working fine. However, when client has uploaded the prototype on Healthstream LMS it gave the below error while uploading the course:

The ZIP file did not contain an IMSMANIFEST.xml file. Please review your ZIP file's contents and ensure the IMSMANIFEST.xml is in the root directory of the ZIP file.

The SCORM package contains the imsmanifest.xml file in the root directory of the folder, somehow the LMS is not recognizing the file. Our first observation from the above error message is that Healthstream LMS may be searching for the imsmanifest.xml file with the file name in capital letters.

As we don't have access to the Healthstream LMS, we appreciate your support in resolving this issue. It would be great if you could validate our observation and if possible share a dummy course which is successfully deployed on Healthstream LMS.

Thank you


Harsh Chhabra