Using layers or multiple slides - how do you know which is best?

Mar 23, 2017

Hello! I am working on a training video where two characters talk back and forth a few times and then it transitions into a "choose your best response" situation.

How do I know if multiple slides with layers work best or not even to include layers at all? Kinda new at this.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Richard Hill

Extend each timeline out for the length of time it takes to either read or listen to the narration.  If you want it to play continuously add the trigger to Jump to Next slide when timeline ends.  They can still use the next and previous buttons to navigate the dialogue(Bonus), but it will still automatically play until your assessment. 

Walt Hamilton

To some extent, yes.
But there are some considerations. Generally, if you want to enhance what you have on the screen, a layer is probably best. If you want something to show up, then return to where you are, a layer is probably best.
If you are moving to different content, a new slide may be better.

Some things we have learned:
Managing multiple multi-media assets is easier using slides than layers.
Complex navigation is more difficult with layers.
Slides can show in the built-in menu, layers cannot.
Some mobile devices don't play as nicely with layers as they do with slides.

here is a discussion that may help:

Above all, remember that the main thing that matters to user learning is clutter. No matter what, don't overload (or even load) the screen whichever approach you use.

After that, there probably is no provable right answer.  Since the difference is seldom observable to the user, it comes down to what is best for the designer.

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