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Jun 11, 2013

Hi all, 

I have serious doubts about this being an easy answer. I am designing a quiz in storyline that is based on a test that has already been created but it needs to be converted to something electronic.

The idea is that the user will view six items on the quiz slide and select the two matching items out of the six. If the user selects the two matching items correctly, they get credited one point for that slide, (so far so good right?) consequently, if the user selects any other two items, then the requirement is that they are deducted two points for that slide. 

If only the "Pick Many" question slide had the option of applying minus 2 for an incorrect answer I would be golden!


Ottawa, Canada

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Mike Taylor

Hi Peter! Welcome to the community. You could use variable to do this a few different ways.  Here is some info on the logic of how to assign negative point values.   ( This example is for a multiple choice question but the logic is similar. )

What score should they get if they select one correct item and one incorrect item? Is that a score of -1?

Peter Alain

Thanks for the welcome Mike! I'm a going to check the link out and I'll let you know how it goes. 

Yes the scoring is very strict on this quiz, there is only one correct pair that match each other and the reason for the strict score is to simulate the severity of a wrong answer on the job. 

Which makes me think of something....Would you happen to know if it possible to ignore unanswered slides for the scoring? The way this original test went that if the user didn't answer a question, it was simply left out of the equation.

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