Using objects with video

May 03, 2017


I have embedded an mp4 video file and inserted objects at various cue points along the timeline to align with audio. I want to include video controls but the problem is when I preview the slide and I manually jump back or forward using the progress bar, it throws the objects completely out of sync with the timeline.

Can anyone give me a solution to this? Im obviously doing something wrong!


Many Thanks


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Dave Cox

Hi Brendan,

The video timeline and Storyline's timeline are not the same thing, and are independent of each other. When I place a video on a slide, and I want don't want users to change it's position using the video's timeline, I place a transparent object on a layer above the video. For example, a shape with no fill or stroke works just fine.This prevents user's from moving the video's timeline.

For this to work correctly, you need to make sure that the slide's timeline is the same length of the video's timeline. Then you can scrub the slide's timeline to adjust the viewing position of the video. 

As far as timing objects to the video timeline, I've found that this doesn't work reliably in Storyline. When I want something to happen at a particular time within a video, I break the video up so that I can start my interaction at the same time the video clip begins. Place the beginning of each video clip on a slide or layer of its own. You can then control when the video begins, ans well as any additional objects that you would like to have on the slide.

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