Using PauseLayer with Reset to Initial State

Help!  I think I've painted myself into a corner here.  I have a software simulation tutorial that includes links to more detailed tutorials, via web objects.  I painstakingly created Pause layers that activate on the original project to pause its progress when the user clicks out, so they don't lose their place.  If as user clicks the See More button, they quickly jump to a blank slide with the web object, which opens a new browser window, then the original project goes back to the previous slide with the Pause Layer activated.

Unfortunately, I recently realized that I need to set the project slides to Reset to Initial State.  If I leave it on Automatic/Resume Saved, then the user can't actually navigate anywhere.  If they click 'Previous' or use the Menu, the slide flashes up for a moment, realizes it already finished the media, and immediately flips back to the current slide.  I need users to be able to re-watch slides if they need to, so I set everything to Reset to Initial State.  Except now my Pause layers don't work, because they've been reset!  Sigh.

Does anyone see a way around this?  ::crossing fingers::

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Donna Morvan

Hello Rebecca,

I am a little confused.

The Layer properties works independently from the Base Slide properties so in my mind if the pause layer properties are set to resume saved state and the base slide properties is set to reset to initial state, it should work.

Can  you post a screenshot of properties of your pause layer?