Using Previous button results in eLearning freezes

I have produced a number of eLearnings, which contains a screen recording inserted as a "view scene". When I run the eLearnings from our company server, and I use the Previous button the eLearning will freeze and I need to reload the page.

When I run the same eLearning from Tempshare it works fine - no freezing when using the Previous button. This indicates to me that something in my company's server setup/settings is not right, but I have no idea what.

Any suggestions regarding what I should change?

Thank you!

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Jesper Engel Christensen

Hello Christie. Yes my it department is already involved but dragging their feet. I was hoping that some tips from the community could point them in the right direction.

I'm guessing that I need to look at how the server is handling Flash files since this is what the screenrecording contains.

Kind regards


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