Using Randomized Question Banks

Nov 18, 2015


I have a question about the randomized question banks feature in storyline.

Currently in my interaction I will have 18 different question banks with between 15-20 different fill-in-the-blank questions in each bank. The interaction is set with a "draw from(question bank) randomly". The issue I'm running into though is the potential for the same question to be drawn for each portion of the interaction. When the same question is pulled, the answer is already typed in and the user can submit the question without typing in the answer. I was curious whether or not there was a way to set up the "draw from question bank randomly" to where it will only pull unused/unanswered questions, or if there's a way to reset the question after it has already been answered. 

Attached below is the interaction for reference.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Andrew,

Interesting challenge. As far as I know the current version of Storyline doesn't (or can't) identify which questions have already been pulled from the bank and/or previously answered.

Looking at your file you have a bank with 5 questions that pull ALL questions randomly. The idea behind Question Banks are to pull a random number of questions from a pool of questions. i.e., bank.

You currently have 5 banks presented with the same 5 questions. Each time that bank is presented, the same 5 questions are pulled although in a different order each time. 

Is it possible with your design to create a bank with 25 questions that pull only 5 at a time? The chances of the same question being pulled is minimized. 50 questions pulling only 5 reduces the chances greatly.

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