Using SCORM with Storyline 2 for Detailed Information

Jul 21, 2016


I am using SCORM as my LMS for my Storyline 2 presentation. I noticed it shows when my presentation has started and been completed. Is there more information I can get about my presentation? I would like to know where my viewers are at in the presentation, how long it takes them to complete each section, how many times they repeated a section, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)

Thank You


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Ron Price

Hello Jennifer

That kind of information and reporting depends greatly on what LMS you are using.  SL will send a lot of information in the Scorm package, but not all LMS' have  robust reporting options on the back end.

If you running into limitations, you may want to consider publishing to SCORM 2004 editions 3 or 4.

What LMS do you use?  Someone in the community may have experience in that environment.

Hope that helps.

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