Using Scrolling Panels in a Hotspot quiz slide

Oct 06, 2016

I have an image in my quiz slide that I am using for a hot spot quiz question. I set up the slide from the insert quiz slide menu, so I know the formatting is correct. When I was reviewing the quiz I realized the image was to small. I put the image into a scrolling panel and put the hot spot into the scrolling panel as well. When I reviewed it the hot spot will not recognize in the scrolling panel. Is there a way around this?


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Jess Larche

I found a work around for this situation. Thank you for adding my inquiry to the QA team report. For anyone else with a similar issue I found the best solution was to  create a multiple choice quiz slide. Then I added buttons to trigger a slide layer. On the new layers it showed the image inside a scrolling panel with a selection of the image framed. The different buttons showed different sections of the image. So instead of the user creating a hot spot they select the image with the frame around the correct location. I have attached an Image to clarify what I did. 

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