Using Source Control with Storyline

Jul 25, 2013


I'm looking for input on using a source control system with Storyline.  Does anyone currently use source control with Storyline?  I'm looking at SharePoint currently but am very open to other options.  

Thanks for the feedback!


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Kate! Welcome to the community and thanks for joining. I don't personally have much experience using version control software/programs to track my e-learning projects, mostly because in my past roles I've usually worked as a one-woman e-learning team. I'm hoping other community members will chime in with their experiences!!

Here's a list I found on Wikipedia: List of Revision Control Software, that you might find interesting. Might be some free/open source options there that you didn't know about. 

Also, not exactly what you were looking for, but you might find some interesting tidbits of information here: Naming Files for Version History. You might want to also do some google searches for version control best practices. I found this: Best Practices (Software Versioning) interesting discussion.

I've noticed that there are a lot of other forum discussions concerning Sharepoint and Storyline, however it looks like a lot of people are using it as more of an LMS solution, versus a version-control software. That's not to say people aren't doing it... Hopefully members who have some personal experiences with this will share. In the meantime, hope that info helps for now! Thanks Kate! =)

Tony Chilvers

Hi there,

I am also looking into a version control system for StoryLine and Studio packages. Source files and published output.

We currently use Tortoise SVN for HTML packages that we build and have tested it out with various development tools.

The source files are fairly well handled but you obviously have no method of merging changes so you have to be careful who is working on it, Locking files is possible but not a perfect solution, details here

The problem with using SVN and publishing a package into a local repository is the way Articulate packages deletes everything in the folder first including the hidden ".svn" folder. This removes all the information that SVN requires for the repository etc.

A solution to this is to publish elsewhere and then copy and overwrite the local version.

I would prefer a better solution for the published files but for now it looks like the best way for us.


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