Using states as a trigger

Jan 06, 2022

Our team used to use states in our triggers when we had multiple items to select and visit and did not want the next button active until all of the items were visited. We would make the state of each button "visited" when they were selected. We would add a trigger to say that the next button would become active once all of the items had a "visited" state. That no longer works for us. Are we the only ones that are noticing this? Now we have to use variables with a counter. Has something changed?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kyle.

When using Built-in states, such as Visited, there's no need to create a trigger to change the object into that state. The logic is all done by Storyline for you.

The trigger to change the state of the Next button to normal once all the objects are visited should still work as expected. Do you have a sample .story file you can share so we can investigate why it's not working for your team?

Walt Hamilton

Maria is perhaps understating when she says, "There is no need to create a trigger..." In reality, having a trigger to duplicate the built-in superpowers frequently (if not always) causes a conflict that prevents both the built-in and trigger functions from working. That can happen even if the visited state appears. From your description, I would guess that's what is happening to you.

Kyle Gomon

Thanks for your responses. We will look more closely at our development to see if  these things apply. Another reason we felt something might have changed with the way that Storyline is coded is that we have created courses using triggers exactly as Richard has shown. It seems the best way to do it. We all create our own work, so it has not been pulled from a template, either. So it is not a case of spreading incorrect development. Even though those courses worked fine in the past, within the last year I would say, we have found that some of those courses are no longer working correctly because the "Next" button fails to become active. We hadn't changed a thing. I will see if I can get permission to share one of those courses.