Using states for different languages

I am creating a course where the user can select the language that they want to view the material in on the first slide, then I use states to show that language for the rest of the course. I have several quiz questions, and on the very first question only, when I select the correct answer, it shows the answer in English after it is selected. It is only on that answer, and only on that one question. It does not do it for just one language, but all of the languages (12 in all). That question is built exactly the same as all of the others. No one on my team can figure this out.


Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! I am up against a tight deadline, so time is critical. Thank you all in advance for any help that you can provide. me.



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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Jason, are you sure you want to take that approach? Isn't it much easier to just create separate modules and translate with the Translation export and import feature? You could always create a page where users can select a language and jump into different modules or if you prefer, import the language variations as scenes in a new module.