Using text as a trigger

Sep 10, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I've inherited a project from another developer.  On one slide is a Text Box with three bullet points and text links.  Each of the first three links are set up as triggers for their own layers.  For example, the first bullet is set up to "Show layer Verification When the user clicks the text "Verification" inside."

  • Verification
  • When to Call
  • Mini-Miranda
  • Maxi-Miranda

I'm trying to set up the fourth text link as a trigger to its own layer, but can't figure out how these are set up these types of triggers.  Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Chris Roetzer

The suggestion above is sort of the "easy way out" but didn't answer the question. I came upon this same situation, editing a course I didn't design. I don't usually use text-link triggers for anything other than the default "Jump to URL/file" so I don't always recall you can simply change the action in  the trigger wizard.

To have any action triggered from clicking designated text (a text link), you do NOT create the trigger as you would most all others, by beginning with clicking something and clicking "new trigger" in the trigger panel.


1) Left-click/drag to highlight text you want as your trigger "object".

2) Right-click, select Hyperlink. The Trigger Wizard window opens.

3) The default action of "Jump to URL/file" appears but click the drop down and change the action to Jump to slide, Show layer, whatever you need; complete the rest of the options as you would otherwise.

Viola! Your completed trigger will appear in the panel as "{Do this or that action} when {user action such as clicks or hovers over...} text "{highlighted text words}"... You'll see what I mean when you're finished.