Using Text Entry

Jan 26, 2018

I am trying to create a interactive playbook. I want the user to type what task they are trying to do; "Return Phone" and it takes them to the Mobile Device Return Policy... How can I do this?

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Walt Hamilton

A start might be to use a text input  box and write triggers for it: Jump to slide "Mobile Device Return Phone" if textEntry1 = "Return Phone" .

It seems to me to be a task that will require a significant commitment. To the mind of a computer,  "Return Phone" is not equal to "Return phone", so it will require a not inconsequential investment of time and effort to create a smooth experience for the learner. That may involve using js, or a myriad of triggers. Personally, I would entertain thoughts of allowing them choose from a preset list of options to perform. That way you can spend your time designing and creating an experience that will help them learn what you want them to learn, instead of spending a huge amount of time and the only return you get from it is to be able to figure out what the learner meant by what they typed in.

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