Using the Atriculate App off line

I have an Trail Articulate Online Account to test out the ability for Users to download Storyline Interactives to their iPads or Andriod devices so they can watch them offline, once downloaded.

This does not work as the option for downloading to an iPad does not appear when the user clicks on the interaction.

Am I missing something or does this just not work?


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Ross Dewstow

Thanks everyone. That makes for an easy decision then.

No point in having an account on Articulate Online for my users to download content to their iPads so they can view it offline.

I think it would be great if the documentation is made correct as it has taken a few hours of work to try and figure all this out.  The stuff is all over the place and I really had to hunt for it to finally piece it together.

This article below, doesn't make sense either.  Why would you want to track what people are doing in an offline application. Surely you would want to know how many people download it but, for us,  the tracking is done through Moodle and the offline gives us another way of getting some learning to our dispersed staff who are in a WiFi no go zone.

Offline Viewing Isn't Available for Articulate Online Content
Articulate Storyline gives you the option to let learners download content for offline viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player app. However, Articulate Online requires an Internet connection to view and track content. As a result, we've disabled the ability to view courses offline when they're hosted in Articulate Online.

Currently, offline viewing is only supported with courses published for web-deployment (i.e., hosted on a web server).

What does this last piece mean anyway?

Are you saying that I cannot create a Scorm package for Moodle and that I can get users to download and view offline?



Phil Mayor

Moodle will not support a scorm for offline viewing.  Offline viewing within an LMS is only supported via tin can/xAPI. You cannot even use the Mobile Player with Moodle as it has no web based component and is unable to pass authentication information, to use the mobile player outside of a Tincan LMs you must ensure the site is not password protected.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ross! Sorry that this is confusing. The setting within Storyline that allows you to choose to download content for offline viewing is a subset of publishing to the Articulate Mobile Player. This article is simply stating that we can only support offline viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player when the content is posted to the web - which typically is material not being tracked, so tracking is a non issue.

This article may clear up some of the confusion about publishing your course to a mobile device.

Ross Dewstow

So, from the article:

"How Do Learners View Courses on Mobile Devices?

After publishing, upload your course to a web server or LMS, then give learners a link to the story.html file (which is the file that launches the course)."

I upload courses to my LMS - Moodle, and this works fine.

Is "Articulate Online" is not a web server? where do I need to upload my content so a user can download it to their iPad or Android device and then view it offline.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ross,

Articulate Online is our version of an LMS, and you can view courses hosted there within the Articulate Mobile player, although you can't view those offline as Leslie mentioned.

As for where you need to upload and allow users to view offline, if Moodle worked for you - I'd stick with that. It's worth noting that Tin Can content isn't supported for offline viewing in the AMP, as it needs to have a connection to the LMS to be able to report results. 

You could look into some other web servers, and if you don't have access to a web server, here are a few free options to consider: