Using the Hover and Mulitple Triggers to Advance to Slides

I am using a Keypad for users to enter a certain code followed by pressing a Login button to jump to a specific slide. Added hover state to each freeform shape (0-9 on keypad), so when user hovers over numbers they will light up, BUT this is not happening. Thats problem #1.

Example: user presses 1 then 4 (#14) followed by Login to get to a certain slide. I tried to add conditions but nothing has worked. The #1 and #4 won't hover highlight, but the Login will Hover and appear highlighted. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I do not want the Login button to be able to become highlighted unless a key (0-9) is already selected. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Timothy!

I didn't see where you had any triggers set up to do this functionality, and I do not know how your course should behave. 

As an example, if logging in as a Server:

I assume they hit '1', then 'Login'

I added a trigger to take them to the next slide based on the state of '1' being normal as it looks like you are doing.

Hopefully this helps you on your way :)

Alvaro Masis

Leslie thank you, that is what I originally did. But it does the same thing as if I were to hit '2', '3', '14' or '15'. I am trying to make each number (1,2,3,14 or '4', and 15 or '5') lead to its selected slide. 

I tried to hit the selective #, then 'Login'. And like you added a trigger next to slide based on the state of: 'whatever number' being normal as is. But it was not responding to the number selected. You see their is 5 different numbers I am trying to relate to 5 different slides.

Alvaro Masis

Here it is. I want the user to be able to enter (3) Manager and then press Login, and that will take then to the Manager screen.

Vice versa for (1) Server which will take then to Server slide.

(2) Bartender...take them to bartender slide.

(14) QSR Manager...take them to QSR Manager slide.

(15) QSR Cashier...take them to Cashier slide.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for sharing your file here and sharing some additional insight into how you'd like this to work. I had a chance to take a look this afternoon and think some of the difficulty lies in the design and naming conventions implemented here.

For example, you mention that you want the user to be brought to a particular slide when the state of Server (1) is selected. When I looked at that item on your slide it didn't have a selected state.

Also, since "Server (1)" is actually associated with the 1 button on the slide, it's confusing to follow the triggers as they also need to use that for selecting 14 for QSR Manager. And the user techinically only has to select the 4 button to change the state of the QSR manager button to go to that particular slide.

Instead, I was playing around with the jump to slide triggers and set them to advance based on the state of the numbers you're playing with - the difficulty of this comes again with the 14 and 15 - as they rely on 1 already being selected, but if 1 is in the normal state by your triggers it should go to slide 1.2 vs. going to slide 1.4 or 1.5. So again, a bit more finesse needed here (perhaps 14 is how the state is shown vs. just a 4?) but hopefully the minor changes I made will help you get started.

Alvaro Masis

None of these are going to their designated slides. I just want to be able to press 1 followed by Login and have them taken to that screen. 2, Login and then taken to that screen. And same on for 3, 14, and 15. The set up seems fine to me. I named them accordingly so I could easily recognize each state. I don't understand why this software isn't recognizing its triggers.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Timothy,

I didn't experience the triggers being entirely ignored, and 1, 2 and 3 seemed to work for me - and 14 and 15 worked when I was able to play around with the settings as I mentioned. It was a bit difficult for me to follow based on what I laid out, so at this time it may be best to defer to the community expertise or if you'd like our team to further investigate the triggers that you shared are just not working, I'd recommend connecting with our Support engineers here. 

If it worked on a previous project it may also be worth confirming that you're working on project files as described here.