Using the next key - students need to move from module to module

Jul 06, 2014

Hi Everyone

 I have encountered a new problem. This previously did not occur.

When I load my Articulate course to my LMS - I and others use it - the next button works fine until you get to the end of a module and then it no longer works. You have to the menu and select module 2, you are able to make your way through module 2 using next and then the same thing happens when you want to move to module 3.

I have used exactly the same settings as when the course has been loaded previously. The only difference made is that I inserted an additional scenario (which went to the end of the scenario's) and I then set it up so that it was the beginning of the course (its the intro). Please help - don't understand why this is the case!

Cheers Belinda

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