Using the "You Try It" Video with Zoom Effect

Still working on my software simulation course and am using the Software Simulation with the "Try It" option but also need to use the Zoom Effect in order to see the various areas.  The problem I'm having is when someone gets the required step "Correct" or needs a "Hint" or "Try Again" option, the Zoom effect is still active and not only can you barely see the hint, but you can't get out of the Zoom mode or move to another page, etc. because the layers are still zoomed in once the selection has been made (right or wrong).

Any assistance on making this easier would be great.  I've attached one portion of the course where I'm experiencing this problem.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diane! Thanks for sharing your file.  I can see where you are having difficulty.  There is an awesome thread here with multiple solutions for similar scenarios.  You could also handle your zoom effect ‘backwards’, almost giving the user a hint first, then allowing them to respond in ‘regular’ mode.