Using Triggers with Accordion Interaction

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on a course that is primarily self-directed, allowing the learner to "choose their own adventure". David Fair's accordion template has been a life saver in conveying a large amount of information in an engaging format. My challenge now is trying to link the content to a quiz after all of the slides have been viewed.  

I have tried changing the state of the header when the slide is viewed (change state of HeaderVariable when timeline starts if SubHeader1 equals true, Subheader2 equals true, etc.). Essentially, the header of the slide would change to a hyperlink to the quiz with this logic, but it doesn't seem to be working. 

Any suggestions on how to use the accordion template but ensure the learners are viewing all content first? I am fairly new to variables and triggers so the more layman (i.e. including examples) the better. 

Thank you!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Naysia!

Great template choice! Can you tell us more about how you want the template and the quiz to work together?

  • When will the learner access the quiz--after they've completely viewed the accordion?
  • When will the learner jump back from the quiz to the accordion?

Do you have a sample started? Share it here, and that'll give us something to work from!

Naysia Humphrey

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for responding! 

I exported the scene and attached it here. Ideally yes, the learner would access the quiz after they have completely viewed the accordion. I was thinking that on the results page, I could include a set of buttons that would allow the learner to either review the quiz, go back to the beginning of the accordion or return to the course menu to complete the next section. 

Does that make sense? Thanks again!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Naysia - It did not look like your example was fully set-up, so I did adjust to how I would advise handling this.

I would set variables for each layer that you wish to be visited and perhaps a warning pop-up on why the Next button isn't working for those that try to skip ahead.

Check out the attached file and let me know what you think.