Using true false variables to change states

Hi there

I am pulling my hair out (figuratively) trying to get a state change using variables in Storyline.   It's a free form drag and drop and when all the items have been dragged and dropped I want a state change to show all.

I've attached the SL file if anyone can set me straight.

Cheers and thanks


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Tom Kuhlmann
  1. Since you don't know what the last drop object is, you need to have a trigger that says change the state of the button to normal when var X changes if YZA are true. Then you need that same trigger on all four possible last drops.
  2. You could create an empty state for each drop. Then create a trigger to change state to the empty state (not hidden). Then get rid of the variables. Add a trigger for the button when the state of all of the drops are empty. 

Here's a recording where I explain both. The second option is easier. I show that at the 8 min mark.