Using variables in feedback master slide

Jan 07, 2014

I think I encounterd a bug in Storyline.

I would like to hide or use any other trigger inside the feedback master slide (in this example attached - the correct feedback), depending on the variable value coming from the question's screen.

When I try to use the hiding trigger in the feedback slide, without being dependent on the variable - it works,

When I add a condition (if answerIs=1) then - it does not work!!!

I attached a storyline of this screen alone, and left all my textboxes showing the variables in real time just to make it easier to QA.

PLEASE!!!! provide an explenation, I am spending hours on this and can't figure out why it does not work.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni,

I took a look at your file (and will admit, got a bit tripped up in the language), but I did notice that the feedback layer did hide automatically and seemed to for each time I answered, regardless of the value of "AnswerIs". Also when answering correctly (option 3 and 4) the correct layer showed the 1 for "AnswerIs" and then brought me to the "last" layer titled תפריט תחתי which was the behavior set up within the correct layer triggers. 

If I'm missing something, please let me know but things seem to be working as designed. 

Yoni Hubermann

Hi Ashely, 

What I am trying to do here basically is to change the text box in the feedback master layout according to the variable AnswerIs.

Which means, if AnswerIs=1 I would like to hide a certain textbox and show another.

I attached a PPT to explain in details what happens for me. Please only concederate the correct feedback behavior (other feedback layers are working fine as you said, they show and then disapper and the the bottom menu shows), I only started checking this on the correct response layer.

Attached is the PPT of explanation as well as a short clip showing that the textbox is not hidden as it should be when choosing the correct response.

Thanks you so much!!!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni,

Thanks for sharing the additional explanation that was very helpful for me.  

I see what you're describing now, and was able to replicate the behavior in a new Storyline file. It seems that it's the condition that it causing the difficulty not just transmitting a variable from a feedback master (as I've seen that work successfully). Since it seems that you would only get to the correct feedback layer when choosing options 3 and 4, and those are the options that will also change the variable to the value of 1, I'd continue to just use the trigger without the condition. It seems that will give the behavior you're looking for. 

I will share this with our QA team, as I can't find anything similar reported or any indication if this is expected behavior. I'd continue to use the workaround that I mentioned above, as I don't have at time frame to offer on an update from them. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni,

Correction - I was all ready to document this, and had it written up but I checked and after looking at your file again I noticed that the trigger on your feedback master and the object it is assigned to doesn't match the name of the slide or the correct layer, but I can't find what it is referring to. I took another look at the file I had set up, and released my triggers weren't set up in the right order (happens to all of us from time to time!) and after adjusting for that - my feedback master trigger works correctly. Can you take a look at the attached? 

Yoni Hubermann

Hi Ashley.

Sorry for the delayed response, I don't know why i didn't receive an email notification about your reply, although I was very looking forward to it.

I appreciate your help.

And the good news is that - I was able to make an object disappear when AnswerIs=3 just as I wanted it to be!!! Thanks to you.

I actually remember verifying that I submit the interaction last (in the triggers)... but I guess I wasn't.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!


Gack Sokolskiy

I have a problem of next character : I insert an image, add to him action Jump to URL/File(When the user clicks). I choose a file in a folder(in this case .exe), but after a publication for me from this image nowhere goes across, and nothing is started...

I already and placed this exe in a previous folder. I can not understand reasons. Help  me please

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni,

I'm glad that it's all working out now and I was able to assist you with some additional testing. To receive replies, you'll need to select "subscribe to replies" at the very top of the thread after every response you post. The unfortunate set up to combat spammers...

Hi Gack and welcome to Heroes! 

When you're testing your published content you'll want to test within the intended environment so that you don't encounter any security restrictions from the local browser. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gack,

Looking at the images you shared, there is a few things I would suggest checking:

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