Oct 29, 2013


I  have a question.  I need to set  up a page where the user is required to identify three areas on the page by clicking those areas before being able to move forward.  I created a number variable called "Total" and set up the page so that as any of the three areas gets clicked on once, a value of 1 adds to the variable.  Click on the box "Click here after identifying the three areas'" and If the variable is equal or greater than 3, a sign that reads "Next" that allows the user to move on to the next page appears, if not, a sign that says "No Good!" pops up.  The problem with this set up is the user can cheat by clicking on the same area more than three times to amass more than three points, rather than identifying and clicking on all of the three areas.  Is there any way  you could set up the page so that the user MUST click on the three areas before being able to move forward?  Please find attached a sample file to see the current setup.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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