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Hi all

I'm having difficulty with a variable to change the state of a shape that has been clicked on in another layer on the same slide.

The variable is True/False set to a default of False.

The trigger on the base layer is to change the state to X when the timeline starts on that layer if the variable is true. However, when I click on the shape on the 1st or 2nd layer and go back to the base layer, the state hasn't change yet the variable count has changed so the variable is working.

pls help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Linda!

I'm not seeing where you are adjusting the variable to True?

Your variable "Complete" only has the following attached to it:

• Used by a slide trigger condition on "1.1 Start" in "1 Untitled Scene"

Trigger Text: "Change state of TEXT2 - "TEXT 2" to Test When the timeline starts If Complete is equal to True "

Where should the variable be adjusted to prompt this state change?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Linda

trigger on your base layer is to change text 2 to Test if variable complete = true.

The default value of the variable complete is false but there is no trigger to change the variable from false to true on any of the layers to make the trigger above fire.

When/Why does 'complete' change from false to true?


Linda Liebenberg

The variable needs to change to true once the shape TEXT 2 has been clicked on.

At the moment the user is restricted to when they can click on the different shapes, I have to force the user to go through each layer. But once the user has been to that layer and returns to the base layer, that restriction is applicable again. I am trying to avoid that, hence my trying to use the variable. Is there perhaps an easier way? 

Wendy Farmer

When you use layers on a base slide the timeline NEVER restarts because you are not leaving the base layer. Therefore the variable to change TEXT 2 to test will never fire until the learner leaves this slide and goes to another slide.

Sorry I don't think I completely understand what you mean.




Linda Liebenberg

Ah ha! I now know what the problem is - your statement on the base layer timeline makes perfect sense. This will only work if I don't use layers, the content will have to be on different slides for the variable and triggers to fire correctly.

Thank you for correcting my thinking - I was way off base on this one!!!!!

Walt Hamilton

That is one way to solve it,  but your thinking is not so far off.

Because the layers are part of the slide, they have access to everything on the base layer. You can change the state of Text2 with an action on layer 2. Use whatever action you intend to use to change "Complete" to True, including "when variable Complete changes."