Variable counters

Aug 15, 2013

Hi all, I'm new to storyline and learning variables. I have the following scenario I'm trying to figure out:

A slide that has 3 items the learner can interact with, with a counter at the bottom stating '0 of 3 items clicked' which counts as they click on each item. The problem I'm facing is that a learner can click on the same hotspot, ie hotspot 1, multiple times and the counter will continue to count to 3.

Each hotspot goes into either another slide, or lightbox, before returning to the main slide.

Is there any way I can make it so that once an item is clicked, the counter will adjust for example to 1 of 3, but then if they interact with that item again it won't count it again, and only count additional items clicked?

At the moment, each hotspot states 'add 1.00 to itemsclicked if value is less than 3.00'

Thanks in advance!


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Roxy Wrigley

Hi everyone. Ok Michael that counter variable works perfectly as long as the item is on another layer in the same slide. Now is there any way to apply that to a lightbox or additional slide which then returns you to the original slide? I've tried applying the same variable using the relating shape to the lightbox but haven't had any luck, it still continues to count that same item multiple times. User error perhaps? Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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