variable result.score missing after creating a quiz

Sep 05, 2021


After creating a multi-pick quiz with free form, no result.score variable is generated. See attached screenshot. I do not want to add a result slide, but just show the score in a text box on the question slide.

What am I missing :/

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Judy Nollet

The only way to get the built-in results variables is to add a Results slide. They are not part of the question slides.

If you provide feedback for the question, you could put your custom "score" on the Correct and Incorrect layers. 

Otherwise, create your own variable, adjust it based on the answer, and reference it in a text box on the question slide (which you could keep hidden until after the question is answered). 

Christian Koegel

I luv the hat!! :D

Thank you for your reply. I will hide the result page and make my own variable.

I have one follow up question: I do not want to have the Correct & Incorrect, or Try again layer for my multi-pick question show up. Instead I have a shape on the base layer that turns Green & Red, and another action triggered when the default Try again layer (which I don't want to show up) would show. I am thinking there must be a variable that keeps track of whether the question was answered correctly/incorrectly, and number of attempts, that I can reference, but I cannot find that. Do you have an advice or idea how to work around that?


Judy Nollet

Hi, again,

There aren't built-in variables that you can access to keep track of those items. 

One option: Use the Try Again, Correct, and Incorrect layers, because those automatically track what's happening. Just apply a blank layout to those layers, so nothing additional appears on the slide when the layer is shown. Also, use those layers for the triggers that control what happens on the base. 

  • For example, a trigger on the Correct layer could change the state of that base shape you mentioned to Green. A trigger on the Incorrect layer could change that shape to Red. 

The other option would be to program all the tracking yourself using variables, conditions, and states.