Variable scope for Storyline projects (internal / external)?

Oct 09, 2013

Hi all,

I've recently read a tutorial on how to modify the report.html file so that you can grab variables in a quiz/survey and then populate an HTML page to use as a dynamic certificate.

I have done this and have my own modified report.html file to be used for a certificate.

My question is: what is the scope of variables that are available?

I'm seeing that the modified file references primarily the quiz varibles that would be reported to an LMS, but are all of the other variables internal (simply Flash variables)? I'd like to be able to take any variables that were passed along during the progress of the course and then use them to populate  more information on the certificate.

Any insight into what's available to call on?



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Tim Jeter


Thanks for the response. Actually, I'm not necessarily interested in what gets reported to the LMS I just want to intercept some data along the way...

What I'm doing is modifying the the way the report.html file displays so that I can use it as a certificate, much like Brian Batt posted in this Screenr. I have it functional and pulling the participant's name and date, but I would like to be able to pull the course title as well.

Several variable scopes are in the javascript - g_oContentResults, g_listQuizzes, and g_oPrintOptions. I'm just curious what else can get passed along to that page (since this was done in Quizmaker, I think the naming convention may have changed a bit for Storyline).

g_oPrintOptions.strName is where I get the name that's been input into the 'Name' field, after clicking 'Print Results.'  and g_oContentResults.dtmFinished is what passes the current date.

Obviously, these variables are being passed from the course file to the javascript on the HTML page. But in trying to use a custom variable inside the course, they only seem to persist in the course. But if they can be passed externally that would be helpful.

Any ideas on what variables are available?



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