Variable timeline and embed video with timeline

Nov 11, 2022

Hello everybody,

I made a storyline project where almost every slide has an embedded video with a timeline that spans exactly the length of the video. Each student has to finish the timeline to move on to the next slide but I have noticed that if they minimize the browser, for example, the video continues to play but the timeline stops.
How can I incorporate the two? I also wish it didn't progress when the video is paused.
And I would like to have given the timeline as a variable so that I can use it on my site and on the slide itself showing the percentage of progress of the entire course.

Thanks for your help

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Paolo,

Thanks for reaching out! 

It is currently not possible to link triggers with embedded content because embedded content are external resources. This means these are objects that aren't found within the project's slides, and there's no way for Storyline 360 to control them. 

The next best thing to do would be to reach out to the owners of the videos to request for copies of the videos that you are embedding, so you can add them directly to your project and control them there using triggers.

Regarding your variable inquiry, are you referring to the time that has elapsed since your learners started viewing your content? If so, you can check out this article which explains how to track user progress using the built-in elapsed time variables

Let me know if you have any questions!

Paolo Corsi

Hello Joe,

thanks for your reply,

unfortunately they are heavy videos and the program seems to hang a lot when I put a 2 gb video and I imagine it takes a lot to load a dozen like that.

I have seen those variables but they are not what I need. I need the timeline variable. (The value of the blue bar at the bottom) For example, if I pause the timeline all three variables continue to go while the bar indicating the timeline does not. I should show my trainees some videos and be sure they have seen the video and possibly if they are halfway through I would like them to be able to save their progress and come back to it whenever they want. I managed to do it through some workarounds but with the timeline (when they go back to the given slide it goes back to where it left off in the timeline)

Can you help me?

thanks again

Jose Tansengco

Hi Paolo,

For your videos, you can use a tool called Handbrake to reduce the resolution of your videos from 1080p HD to 720p. You'll notice a huge difference in the file size by reducing the resolution, without sacrificing much in terms of quality.

As for the design issue your experiencing with the timeline value, there isn't a feature that currently supports saving the timeline value to a variable, but I found this post that addresses a similar requirement which has received positive responses from the community.

I’ll be happy to pass your requirements on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request!