Variable to track correct awnsers on result slide

The issue is variable I'm using to track correct awnsers on the results slide works for multiple choice and true/false questions but not for multiple response questions.  I have a couple mulitple response question in the "Change Order" scene that I need help with.  Any suggestion?

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David Fair

Hi Ken,

It looks like you want to add a point to the variable when they click the Submit button if they've selected the correct check boxes. You can definitely do that. Add a condition to the trigger for each correct check box on that slide (i.e., when each correct check box is "Selected"). Here's an example, using slide 9.3.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi guys - on the conditions for the trigger that increases the variable value, I think you would also need one more condition, specifying that any incorrect checkboxes should not be marked. Otherwise the learner could just go through each Multiple Response question & mark all the boxes, and the tally would still increase (even though they actually got the question wrong).