Variables and states

Jul 14, 2022

Hello, I'm creating an e-learning module with 10 assessed questions dotted throughout, the pass rate is 70% meaning that a maximum of 3 questions can be answered incorrectly. I'd like to have a progress chart in the corner of each quiz question which displays how many questions have been answered correctly and incorrectly so far. The chart consists of a number of circles which will turn green when an answer is correct and red when incorrect.

I need to create some custom variables but can't figure out how to link the status of the chart back to the quiz questions - any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Judy Nollet

You'll need a variable to track each question. I suggest a text variable using these values:

  • [blank] means question hasn't been answered yet (default variable value; the Retry Quiz button also needs to reset the variables to this value)
  • correct means question was answered correctly  (adjust the variable to this value on the Correct layer)
  • incorrect means question was answered incorrectly  (adjust the variable to this value on the Incorrect layer)

The actual progress circles can go on the Master Question Layout. That'll keep your question slides cleaner.

You'll need triggers on the Master that adjust every progress circle based on the value of the associated variable. That needs to be done when the timeline starts.

I also suggest having triggers that will adjust the values when the user sees the feedback on each question. The easiest way to do that is to toggle a T/F variable on the Correct and Incorrect layers. The value of the variable isn't used. But toggling a variable gives you a "when" for a set of triggers on the Master Question Layout that change circle states when that variable changes. 

Whew! That sounds more complicated than it is. It's demonstrated in the attached file. I only set it up with 2 questions. Obviously, you'll need a lot more triggers to track the progress of 10 questions. 

Good luck!