Variables Changing throughout Course...need assistance please

Jun 16, 2014

Hi everyone.  I'm creating a course where the learner makes aboiut 10-15 choices throughout the course.  Most of these choices result in value being taking away from the "MAIN VARIABLE".  At certain points in the course, I want them to see how they are doing...they will see a "battery" image and it will be charged based on how well or poorly they are completing the interactions. 

I do NOT want them to see this at the begining of the slide though.  They kind of see the battery life going up and down for about 4 seconds and THEN I want the correct image to appear (based on the variable).  Any ideas how to BEST do this?

My variable is a number (0) and it is the only one throughout the course.

Thank you

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michele and welcome to Heroes! 

In regards to the "battery life going up and down" you may want to create some type of animation (outside Storyline) that could play on the timeline for the 4-5 seconds, and then once the timeline of that object is over (and it disappears) have the new object with the state of the battery life changed based on your variable. 

So depending on how high the variable can go - you'd need to set up a state for each option, and then the associated trigger to Change state of battery to - when the timeline starts, - on the condition that the variable equals X. There are a few progress bars in this thread that are a similar set up (not necessarily a battery) but should give you a place to get started. 

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