Variables fighting each other???

Feb 16, 2023

Hey everyone.  In the screen shot you will see that I am trying to change the state of the Checkmark symbol with a Variable OR another Variable.  Is this possible?  When I view the page with the Triggers as you see them all of the checkmarks start in the "Checked" state.  If I disable a trigger for "T3_checked" for example it starts in the "Normal" state as it should.  Why can I not set a state of an object with an OR statement?  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

variable screenshot

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Garth Yorko

I find it easier to troubleshoot if you show the values of the variables on the page to see if it is working correctly. I simplified your scenario with just one checkmark and it works as expected.

This way you can see if you triggers are working correctly.  If you just preview the 2nd page the Start button will be in the Checked state because Variable 2 is set initially as False. 

Your problem may not be your triggers, it could be that you are just previewing this slide and it is following the triggers to show the check if variable 2 is false. 

See attached.