Variables for Multiple Images

Feb 22, 2013

I have a slide that has 4 images on it. Each image has a normal, hover, and visited state. When the user clicks each image, he branches off and, after completing the branch, returns to the slide to select another image. I would like for a conclusion to display when the user returns after all 4 images are in the visited stated. The conclusion can be an image that displays when the user returns to the slide after all the images are visited, another slide or a layer, whichever would work best. Can this be accomplished using variables? If so, how? I am an extreme variables newbie, so if you post a solution, please list detailed steps (think variables for dummies).


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Donna Morvan

Hello Gina,

You can start by Creating the Variables first.

On Variables:

1. Create(ing) a True/False variable for each of your image to track if they have been visited. You can label the variable like "Image1Visited".

2. Set the initial value to "False".

3. Adjust variable to true when the the state of the image switches to visited.

For the Action after all 4 images have been visited. You have several options but this one is the simplest i find.

Put an image on the slide with initial state of HIDDEN then put a trigger to change state of the image to normal when all the variables you created to track the visited states are = TRUE

Hope this helps,


Kyada Queen

This is an older posting, but I found Donna's instructions very clear.  Her guidelines helped me to construct a similar scenario, but I opted to use a variable that displayed a layer (with the final award image) instead of changing the state.  Changing the state sounds more compact (smaller files), but the layers were easier to edit than states as I needed to change the final display format.

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