Aug 08, 2013

Here is what I'm trying to do. The outline I started is attached in .story form.

A. Start Slide - Select the goup point they are starting from and select the group point they want to end up at.

B. Start Slide - Click Submit (fthis may not be necessary here as the variables should be triggered by clicking on them)

C. Finish Slide - Display the steps (individual block) necessary  to get from A to B and how long it will take to get there.

I think I need to assign variables to each individual block and then display the blocks if the variables are triggered based on the A and B selected.

I tied my brain in a knot thinking about this and I'm afraid I have overthought it. I am putting it away for the night, but if anyone can take a look at it and throw out any pointers. I would be uber appreciative.

Thank you.....Lisa

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Lisa - I took a look at your story and have put together an example that I think does what you want.

You had not created any variables in the file so I created true/false variables for each of the block groups on the first slide.

You are correct in that you don't need the submit button - this is usually used for submitting quiz interactions.

When a user clicks the hotspot on a block the variable assigned to that block changes from false to true.

Note: because there is no way to prevent users from clicking on every combination I also had to create triggers to reset the other variables to false. So for example - when a user clicks on the red block in column A - there is one trigger to set the variable aOne to true, one trigger to set aTwo to false, one trigger to set aThree to false and one trigger to set aFour to false.  (Hope this makes sense - it is kind of hard to explain).

I have not set up all of these combinations so you will have to add the rest to get this to work.

Then on the Finish slide - I created some layers containing the step blocks and time blocks for each correct combination. (Note: I only created a couple to show you how to do it -  you will need to create one layer for each  A/B combination.

On the main finish slide I created some triggers to show the appropriate layer based on the a/b combination selected on the previous screen.

Just one other thing - right now there is no visual indicator that the user has actually selected a block on the main screen. If I was doing this I would not have used hotspots - I would have added the triggers directly to the block symbols - that way I could have created custom Selected States to show some kind of change when the user clicks on the block.

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