Variables not working fine in iPad

Sep 29, 2014

Hi Team,

We have created a storyline file that requires the user to click on all objects first before proceeding to the next screen (a dialog box layer will appear and will not let you proceed to the next slide).

We did it by making a logical statement on the next button that if all the clickable objects are "Visited", then you are now clear to proceed. It worked well on Windows. However, when users use it in iPad, it doesn't let them.

Any chance you're aware of this issue? We have several pages that has the same mechanism but it's not always the case. Weird thing is that it happens only on particular pages, even isolating them (importing only those problematic slides to a new one) will not work on an iPad (we don't use the Mobile player by the way). I have attached the story file. Thanks in advance for those who will help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I took a look at it and noticed you have a few player triggers set up for your next buttons - and the first slide also includes the standard next button trigger. Is this the one that's not working as expected? Also, I assume based on your description, the user is able to advance no matter what - without meeting the conditions on the iPad? What iOS are you using? I've heard of a recent issue where in iOS 8, you'll need to click the next button twice to allow it to advance - and our team is aware of and looking into this issue currently. 

Please let us know a bit more about where you're seeing the behavior and what exactly is happening so that we can continue troubleshooting or add this to the existing report filed with our QA team. 

Michael Ramos Orbegoso

Hi Ashley,

Just having a re-read of your answer, I see that you have mentioned: "Also, I assume based on your description, the user is able to advance no matter what - without meeting the conditions on the iPad?" Actually it's the other way around - the user is not able to advance even though the conditions are met to be able to continue. Like my title says, it might've something to do with the navigation buttons ignoring the changes that have been made to the variables.

The strange issue here is that it only happens on iPads, not on PC. Can you please re-advise if this is a known issue on iPads? Thanks.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for confirming. I took a look again and published your course to SCORM Cloud, an industry standard for testing LMS content, and I was able to use the next button as expected based on the conditions set. You can view the example I posted here.  I tested this on my iPad mini using iOS 8 in mobile safari. As I mentioned there is an issue with having to double click next to get it to advance in iOS8 - and I experienced that behavior - but otherwise I could advance as expected.

Can you test out my version and let me know how it behaves for you? 

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