Varriable help

Oct 07, 2013

Hi! After a long and very busy work stint I am back to having fun with new and creative eLearning. I need some help setting up a checkpoint slide. I need some help setting up the variables and making them work to create a progress slide.

Basically what i want to do is have the green check marks show up when a section is complete and a red x to appear is a section is viewed but not completed. Can someone help? Or perhaps share an existing course that i can learn how to from.

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Michael Hinze

See attached a simple file with three sections and a main menu. The 'Visited' state of the three main menu buttons has a 'x'. Each button also has a custom state 'Complete' with a check mark. At the end of each section a True/False variable is set to indicate completion of this section. Hope this gets you started.

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