Version control for the LMS

We are using Cornerstone LMS and when I publish the course for LMS I am not able to see any information that I provide in the Articulate's publishing options i.e. Version #, course ID # or Identifier. Why is this? Do you know if there is way to see this data within an LMS?

Our LMS has different version control numbers and we need a way to be able to identify which articulate file relates to each published course in case we ever need to be able to go back on ourselves and open an older version. The only way we can currently do it is by date published and this is not accurate enough if there were multiple projects published on the same day. Please advise if there is any way to transfer information over into the LMS. Attached are the reporting and tracking options that we have set up.


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Maura Sullivan

I'm not the LMS Admin, but I do have access to our Pilot LMS. We use the "activity code" field for the course number, and we're able to use versioning with no problem.

To Create a New Version:

From the hamburger menu >  Admin > Catalog > Course Catalog > Search for course > You may need to fiddle with the buttons some to find it > Click on the Course Title > Click on the button in the upper right > Create Version

I haven't experimented in Reporting 2.0 enough to give you more info. Hope this helps some.

Jack Stewart

Thanks again. I could not find the 'activity code' that you mentioned in Cornerstone. 

Creating the version in Cornerstone means that the version number is different to the one put into reporting when publishing from Articulate. 

I am trying to import the version number from Articulate into Cornerstone or any of the information from reporting. Currently, nothing imports apart from the title of the ZIP file.

I did discover that Cornerstone will automatically remove the number from the ZIP title after import and keeps this info in the file name at the bottom of the course info window which is useful if you need to backtrack from a previous version because you can then use the date to work out which file it came from but this still presents a problem if you publish more than one zip in a day.

This method is still not as accurate as ID# or having the version number update Cornerstones version number automatically. The two programmes are not speaking to each other like they should. This is probably because Cornerstone has not named the data fields correctly to be able to read the fields from Articulate reporting, but I am not a developer so this is a bit of a guess. I did read somewhere that it can read the reporting information from Adobe Captivate when importing reporting data from the fields so maybe the responsibility lies with Articulate to update their field data to synchronize with Cornerstone and Adobe Captivate.

The ideal solution would be for the version number from Sharepoint to transfer to Articulate and then transfer to Cornerstone. Trying to get all three databases to sync is impossible and the fact that they can not talk to each other makes them all unusable individually and currently, the one way to do it is to add in version control manually in order to make everything align.

Maybe the only real solution is when everything is decentralised on the blockchain.